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What are GRP Doors?

GRP stands for glass reinforced polymer, it encapsulates the outer covering of the exterior door. The door is a composite door like any other, the purpose of having GRP covering is to give it a wood grain effect, which will further ensure stability.


What are Solid Core Doors?

Solid core component doors consists of different components all aligned together under high pressure to give the solid core composite door a robust and resilient structure. The components out of which the solid core doors are made are majorly by products of wood. Solid core doors are extremely durable, stable and require low maintenance and inhibit warping.


How to correctly measure the size of a door?

In order to get the perfect door for your house it is important to measure it appropriately with precision. There are a few considerations which should be kept in mind while measuring the door. Firstly to measure the width of the door, measure the height and lastly to measure the thickness of the door in order to get the perfect frame.


Are there different qualities of composite doors?

Yes, it is vital to know that composite doors have several different qualities to offer other than just having a resilient and robust structure. Composite doors posses’ high safety and security feature. Composite doors have a variety of styles and designs to choose from, in contrast to that they come with the tendency of customization as well. Composite doors are low maintenance and do not warp with changing weather conditions.


Can I pick a custom glass?

Yes custom glass can be installed. Getting the composite door customized according to your needs in another attribute that it has to offer, hence customized glass can be installed in your composite door.


Can I get a Composite Fire Door?

Composite fire doors are readily available and can be easily installed. Composite fire doors constitutes of fire resistant yet much lighter material. Thus in turn making it having fire resistant cores.



How long do the composite door last?

Amongst several features that composite doors have to offer, having a lifespan of more than 30 years is one of the greatest attribute offered. Composite doors are often regarded to as a onetime investment; it is merely due to this very reason that they have a life expectancy of about more than 30 years.



What are solid composite doors made of?

Solid core composite doors are made up of byproducts of wood which are aligned together under high pressure to give it a robust structure. It further consists of GRP which prevents it from warping and PVC to enhance stability.

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