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Benefits of Composite Doors

Are you tired of your normal wooden doors? Then why not leverage the benefits of Composite doors and make your house a home again. Guess what, composite doors are not just ordinary doors, the GRP composite doors hold more benefits than just adding to the aesthetics of your home. What makes Composite doors such an excellent choice is that they’re weather resistant, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and other benefits of composite doors is that they look great. We don’t believe in compromising on quality. We’ve brought together materials to give you the very best in strength, easy maintenance, security, and weather resistance. Oh did I forgot to mention that they are absolutely beautiful?

Just stick around as we are going to discuss all the benefits of composite doors and why you need them in your homes right away. This going to be good.

Why choose Composite doors from Door Centre?

Standard GRP VS Solid Core

Our standard GRP range is made up internally of a mixture of polyurethane foams and a timber sub-frame. The foam core results in terrific energy ratings, whilst the timber sub-frame adds strength and rigidity to the door construction. Meaning the GRP composite doors we provide not just come with added security but they provide great energy sustainability. Our doors come with great insulation that will save you a lot of cash with regards to energy bills and protect your home interior from harsh weather and climate. 

This solid core is engineered with a robust Nordic wood core, the best materials and exceptional standards of design and construction – every piece in our composite door collection is certain to enhance your home. Solid Core doors are designed to give a wood like feel and they are extremely well insulated, not just with regards to weather but they also provide great sound dampening feature. With their strong solid core, they cannot be easily damaged and you can get many different types of wood in the solid core category

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Police Approved Doors

If anyone knows about security, it’s the Police. Our Secured by Design upgrade meets the Constabulary’s national standard for safer homes. It’s not only Police-approved – it’s recognised by many insurance companies. So as well as enjoying an added sense of safety, you could get a discount on your home insurance cover, too.
Opt for our police approved upgrade ‘Secured by Design’ accredited package for increased security and peace of mind.

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Energy Rated Doors

Every single door provided by The Door Centre door is issued with a bespoke energy rating certificate – based on expert data from the Build Research Establishment and accredited by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC). Your door rating will be tailored for your particular door based on your design choices. As the UK government has set the standard of doors and windows achieving the U-value of 1.8W/m²K or less. Our doors not only meet the said requirement, but with us you can choose an upgrade to have a better insulated home. We are always providing you the highest quality composite doors so you can avail all the benefits

The edges

The hinge edge of your door has a PVC edging. We cut through the edging so that whichever hinge you selected sits neatly inside the edge of your door. To make the door super-strong, we fit the lock edge with a full length of 4mm thick, powder coated aluminium lock strip. Then your preferred lock sits flush inside your door.

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Colour all round

When you buy your Composite door from The Door Centre, you’ll have colour all around the front door. Our front doors are available in 13 different colours. You can even choose to have seperate colours on the front and back of the door. Some of the 13 different colours are black, red, white and brown. With that Door Centre also provides some of the most stylish GRP and solid core composite doors. You will not only get the benefit of security but also exceptional beauty to make your home standout

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