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How To Change The Door Handle On UPVC Composite Doors

Posted on 5th January 2020


What are UPVC doors?

UPVC doors have an un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride encasing an insulated steel frame to create a strong and single unit. UPV doors are efficient and strong and even though they have a plasticky finish to it, they are cheaper than other door types hence UPVC front doors are greatly in use.

Obviously, if you have purchased a UPVC front door, you have bought front door accessories complimenting it as well. These include a number of things such as handles, door knockers, hinges, locks and a letterbox.

 Some front door accessories, such as handles are actually pretty necessary for UPVC front doors. But what if it is not the correct one or needs a replacement?

Why do UPVC front doors handle need a replacement?

There may be many reasons UPVC front doors handle need a replacement. Maybe the handle is really old and has discolored or rusted, or has been damaged from years of use. Maybe it does not work properly, jams while using it or has started to weather. It is also possible that you just want a change of aesthetic or you just got a new door and the old one does not go along with it.

To replace a door handle is not as tough as one might assume it to be. Some of you who have already dealt with door handles before might probably be confused as to whether the process is the same or is there some other mechanics involved. Those of you who have not are probably wondering whether it is easy enough to take it on yourselves or to call someone for it. Well, you will be glad to know that if you follow a few simple steps correctly, you can replace your door handle with extreme ease and will not have to wait for someone to come and do it for you.

How to find the right UPVC replacement door handle?

You need to take some measurements first to get the right replacement handle for yourself. This is important because it is not possible to re-drill all the positions. Following measurements are important:

  • The size between the center of the 2 screws
  • The top screw center to lever center size
  • Centre of keyhole to center of lever size

When you have all the correct measurements for these areas, check different websites or go the market to find handles that are available for these measurements. When you find the one that you like and suits your needs, you can now finally start the handle replacement process.

Steps to replace a door handle:

  1. First, remove the old one.

This is a very easy task to perform. You just need to take out some screws and the door handle will come off itself. You will find the screws only on one handle and on one of its side. From there, they go through it to hold the other handle in place. Most UPVC door handles have like two screws, and you can easily locate them. Sometimes, though, they are hidden behind other stuff like caps or a faceplate.

When the screws are loose, the handle will come off with ease as now there is nothing holding it attached there. Now, you can remove the spindle. Removing the spindle depends entirely on you. There is generally no need to remove it. BUT when you purchase a new handle, they will also provide you with a new spindle, so we recommend you remove the old spindle and replace it with the new one as well because the old one will have obviously gone through some amount of wear and tear. So, what’s the point to not remove it?

  1. Fix the new handle into place

You just have to follow the process mentioned above to install the new handle, bit in reverse. First, attach the spindle, and then the handle. Finally, put the screws in to tightly fix the new handle. If caps or faceplates are available, put them over the screws after it has been fully fixed. You have finally installed your new handle yourself without needing any help.

Before you stand to take pride over your achievement, make sure that your door handle is working properly. Move the handle up and down and ensure that it moves easily and does not lag or jam or stop moving. Open and close the door a few times and also ensure that the handle is not too loose or tight or does not fall off. Also, lock and unlock the door a few times to see that the locking mechanism is intact or not. If you feel that anything is wrong, remove the handle and try replacing it again, and check whether all parts are fitting together correctly.

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