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How Long Does it Take to Fit a Composite Door

Posted on 18th June 2020

Composite doors have gained mass popularity within the door creation industry. The doors constructed in this manner are not only reliable, durable and weather-proof, but they are also great to look at.

Composite doors come in various designs and colours. As a result, they can seamlessly fit in with the design layout of the house, and add value to the home. However, if you have a few concerns about composite doors, you can refer to the ensuing guide.

How long does it take to fit a composite door?

Composite doors are easy to install. Typically, it takes around three to four hours to fit the door, however, depending on the nature of the job, the door installation process can be extended up to a single day. The fitting process further requires professional assistance. It is not recommended to attempt this job yourself. You would need two engineers to help you fit a composite door. You can make an appointment with the engineers by contacting the agency providing you with the composite doors.

What is the process of fitting a composite door?

The measures to ensure the fitting of a composite door are carried out prior to and following the installation. The pre-installation checks include the removal of the existing door and comparing the measurements of the cavity with the new composite door.

While the door is under installation, the size of the screw used would be checked. This is to make sure that the functionality of the new composite door is not compromised. Once the door is adjusted into place, another process to test the fitting would be carried out. The engineers would further assess if there is an absence of a less than 5 mm air gap on the lock. This test will ensure that the security features of the door are intact, after the installation.

In addition to this, after the composite door is fixed into place, the installation team would
check if there is any friction in opening and closing the door. Moreover, the screws would be tightened one more time, to make sure the door doesn’t budge from its place. The teams would also ensure that the draining holes, present within the door frame, are functional. Once all the necessary checks are carried out and met with positive results, your door fitting process would be complete!

Can you customise a composite door?

The most convenient part about a composite door is that you can easily customise it before placing an order. There are several different designs and colours, for you to choose from. You can pick a door featuring panels, double-glazed or triple-glazed windows, and different architecture, in a wide variety of colours. Additionally, as composite doors are durable and easy to maintain, you can benefit from their design for up to thirty years!

A composite front door can create a cohesive design in your home’s layout. The door installation only requires one day of your time. Therefore, you can select a day, when you are free, and get a team of professionals to fit your new composite door!

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