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Grey Composite Doors – What your Front Door Colour says about you

Posted on 18th June 2020

Grey is the colour of maturity. It ultimately reflects experience, opulence and elegance. In the case of design, the colour grey is associated with industrious and contemporary designs. A grey front door can add design value to your home. If you considering investing in a grey composite door, take the following factors into account:

The Design Perspective

From a design perspective, the colour grey exhibits the modern take on a home’s style. Typically, the colour is associated with industries, factories, and stainless steel. Hence, it adds a futuristic vibe to the room. For a front door, the colour grey is ideal, if the rest of the house is busy with colours. Grey composite doors integrate the element of neutrality within the design.
If the outside of your home is painted with bright colours, you can install a grey composite front door to tie in all the elements, without making the house lose its sense of design. However, if you have painted the house in the same shade of grey, you can choose a darker option, such as a black composite door. These little design decisions can make sure that the front of your house looks cohesive and simplistic.

How is a grey front door perceived?

Like all front doors, a composite grey front door also impacts the way you are perceived by others. The colour grey, being a mix between black and white, is generally associated with a balanced personality. If your front door is painted grey, your personality would be depicted as someone who is willing to make a compromise, after examining all sides of the arguments.
Furthermore, the colour grey has further gained popularity as it is widely perceived to be a sophisticated colour. Grey represents maturity, luxury, and a certain degree of being reserved. Taking that into account, if you want people to view you in this way, you can choose a grey composite front door!

The psychological perspective

Different colours leave an impact on your brain. Colours can provoke certain emotions and leave a temporary influence on your mood. Grey, in particular, has an affect your mood, depending on the way it is presented. Grey is considered to be a neutral colour, hence, if it is presented with other brighter colours, it can tone down their effect. For instance, if you use a grey composite door with a red brick wall, the grey of the door would balance out the energy and the passion exuded from the colour red. However, using grey, on its own, can make you feel a bit sad. Therefore, a grey door should always be paired with a high stimulus colour.
In addition to this, the colour grey can also make you feel intelligent and mysterious. With a darker shade of grey for your front door, you can feel empowered, sophisticated, extraordinary, and intriguing.

Choosing the right colour for your front door is very important. Before making a decision, you should consider the design features of your house, the way you want to be perceived, as well as the mental boost that the colour offers you!

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