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Common Composite Door Problems & How To Resolve Them

Posted on 12th February 2020

Composite doors have taken over the door industry by storm and have upped the standards of this industry to new heights. They are basically composed of a number of materials such as glass-reinforced plastic and a timber core and the combined properties of these materials give it greater strength, durability and benefits unlike any other door type, making it the ideal door to purchase, especially for your front door as composite front doors can help one feel safer against thieves and trespassers and also provide good insulation from the everchanging weather.

Now, composite doors are a bit expensive and before buying one, you are probably wondering what problems can arise with them and how to properly maintain them and have them looking as new as ever all the time. In this article, we will tell you common composite door problems and how to resolve them.

Common Composite Doors Issues

  1. It can be a struggle to lock the door sometimes

The lock is an important accessory of a door and to keep yourself at peace and ensure maximum security of your home, your lock needs to be efficient and functional at all times. This is why it is imperative you take care of it. Over a period of time, dust and grime can accumulate on the internal mechanisms of the lock, causing it to become sticky and not work properly. Obviously, this can be extremely annoying and frustrating, especially when you come home after a tiring day and just want to relax.

To prevent this condition from occurring, use a Teflon based lubricant on all it working parts every few months so that it works smoothly and consistently.

Another reason it is hard to lock the door is because it’s fairly common for composite doors to drop, causing the locking mechanism to be misaligned. Mostly, this issue can be very easily resolved by adjusting the lock. However, if the issue is mechanical, you might need to call the person who installed your door to have a look at it.

  1. What to do in case the door stains?

Obviously, composite doors in UK are more prone to wear and tear than other places because of the extreme changes in weather that are common here. Also, if you have little ones at home, your door is bound to be stained at least once. So, in any case, stains are inevitable. However, they can be easily be cleaned so do not worry. If the stains are small and fresh, take warm soapy water and put a cloth into it. Then wash away the stains with the damp cloth and they will surely disappear. If the stain does not go away through this and proving to be a bit more stubborn, you could try a uPVC cleaning product for these.

  1. The door may swell and creak when the sun is up

This problem is not just common to composite doors, it can happen to all door types. Due to the heat, the door swells. However, while installing a composite door for you, the person installing it checks whether the hooks are engaged or not to ensure this does not happen.

Another reason that your door swells is because it may be oversized. Hence, when the sun comes up and the heat acts on an already oversized door, it will swell even more and make its opening and closing almost impossible. To avoid this from happening, ensure that the door you get is the correct size and take all the correct measurements to avoid any issue later.

  1. Continued use of the door may cause the hinges to drop

This is not a very big issue and can easily be corrected by adjusting the hinges. Hinges generally require minimal care and maintenance but might sometimes be affected due to the use of the composite door for a very long time. If you lightly spray the screws with a lithium-based lubricant every few months, there’s a better chance of them running better and more consistently.

  1. The drainage slots could become clogged at times

Most composite front doors come with an already built-in drainage system to ensure that any extra water is not retained and runs off from your home. If any dirt or fluid accumulates under the drainage holes, the system will not remain efficient and cause problems. In order to avoid this, ensure that the drainage holes are clear and remove dirt or anything that has accumulated under them if you see anything.

These were a few common composite door problems and simple tricks to resolve them. It should be kept in mind that these are very small problems and most of these are not just individual for composite doors but can happen to any type of door. Also, we believe that the pros of a buying a composite door in UK outweighs the cons of it. They have greater strength and endurance, offer more security and have a multi-point lock system to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Also, they have amazing thermal insulation and noise canceling properties that make them essential to have especially if you live near noisy marketplaces or streets. We would definitely advise you to go for one. Check out door centre for amazing colors and designs for composite doors!

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