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Can composite doors be painted? A detailed Guide

Posted on 18th June 2020

Composite doors have taken the door market by storm and have become the best door type in the industry. They have now set a different standard for doors and have become the most popular door type, especially in UK. So, what is a composite door?

What is a composite door?

A composite door is made from an amalgamation of different materials, such as a solid timber core, GRP and PVC, all of whom have different properties and combined make a composite door stronger and sturdier than ever and give it different benefits and an added edge over other door types. Basically, a composite door is more enduring, longer lasting, stronger, and has better noise canceling and insulating properties than other door types available on the market.
Composite doors come in a variety of colors and designs. Some people are wondering whether it is okay to paint this door. Want a new front door or wondering if your old composite door can be painted? Scroll down to find out more!

Can composite doors be painted?

Well, they can be. But the real question is, SHOULD they be painted? And we would definitely recommend no. At the time of manufacture of a composite door, the color is infused into the GRP skin. This is done in order to prevent any kind of cracking, chipping or flaking which can happen over time due to the door going through extreme temperature and weather changes and the usual wear and tear that is bound to happen as time passes. The composite door is made keeping in mind this time factor and this why it is painted in a way that the color chosen to paint it spans through the whole outer layer made up of uPVC. This helps the composite door retain its color and look new and fresh as ever even with years of exposure to the sunlight and other weather changes.
Even though we’d recommend you do not give them a second coat of paint, you can do it if you really feel like it. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start!

What to keep in mind while painting a composite door?

As we already mentioned earlier, many materials are involved in making up composite doors, so the paints one generally uses for traditional timber doors may not be of much use here as there is always the risk of adhesion problems or the paint may spill from the materials, causing a shadowy effect, ruining the overall look of the door. Hence, oil-based enamels are the one to go for rather than using latex paints.
Still wondering why to use oil-based enamels? Well, it gives a more even coat and also gets the work done in less paint than the other types of paint. Also, we would recommend that you ask the paint shop or the company where you purchased the door from to also give you an idea of the paint that would be most suitable to use on the door you have.

Prepare the door for the paint process to begin!

It would be better if you prepare the door a bit before applying the paint, especially when metal surfaces or bare wood is involved. On these areas, you need to apply primer with an oil-based paint before you start with the paint process. What does the oil do? Well, it performs the duty of a sealant and gives the top coat a seamless and glossy appearance. Also, smoothen any rough or lifted areas you see on your door before you start to paint.
The number of coats that you will need to give will obviously depend on the door size, style and other factors. But we believe at least 2 will be required. Also, you need to ensure that you give proper time for the first coat to dry before you start applying the next one.

Get a new one instead!

In the end, our advice to you would be to get a new one if you really do want a change of view and color. This way, you would also have the option to pick out a new design, style and glazing in addition to the color. Want to check out new and amazing composite doors for your home? Browse through door centre’s wide range of composite doors to pick out the perfect one for yourself!

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