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6 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Front Door To a Composite Door

Posted on 16th January 2020

What Are Composite Doors?

Composite front doors are a fairly new door and are made keeping in mind all the drawbacks of the other types of doors. They are one of the strongest doors currently available on the market and have set a new standard in the door industry.

What are composite Doors made of?

Composite doors consist of an outer frame, a sub-frame and a core. The outer frame is made up of galvanised steel, the sub-frame consists of uPVC elements and the core is made up of timber. Many other materials are also used to make up composite doors such as GRP- glass reinforced plastic and insulating foam. The combined properties of all these materials contribute to the additional benefits of composite doors over other types of doors.

Why get a composite front door?

Composite doors are pricier than other types of doors such as uPVC and wooden doors so obviously, you would be wondering if they are worth it. We assure you that composite doors offer a great value for money and are completely worth the price as they have many benefits associated with them that other types of doors do not. We would definitely recommend you get a modern composite front door for your home. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons why!

  1. Variety and finishing

Composite front doors are available in a variety of designs and styles. You could purchase a modern composite front door to match your modern home décor or get a traditional composite door if your home is made in Victorian style or gives the feel of old times.

While getting a composite front door, you could choose from a range of different colours. The available variety of colours is greater in composite doors than uPVC or wooden doors. You could pick a single colour or choose a contrast to create the perfect look for your house.

Also, composite doors offer a woodgrain finish so that your door gives a wooden feel and appears really beautiful and attractive.

  1. They are durable and easy to maintain

Composite doors are long lasting. And that’s one of the primary things we look for while buying a door for our homes. They are expected to last much longer than uPVC or timber doors. Apart from the occasional repaint or oiling on the hinges in a few years, there is not much that composite doors require.

Composite doors are also extremely easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe the dust off them with a damp cloth and they will be as new as the day you bought them.

  1. They can survive extremes of weather

Composite doors contain GRP or fibreglass, due to which they are greatly resistant to wear and tear, rust and extreme weather changes. They also have thermal insulation materials which causes the cold to stay out during winters and the opposite in summers. This causes you to remain cosy and at peace during any weather and can also help lower your electricity bills.

  1. They offer greater security

The door is the only obstacle between your home and the outside. Everyone’s top priority while getting a door is that it should be safe. Composite front doors have a strong framework and efficient lock systems making these doors more secure than uPVC or timber doors causing you to feel more safe and secure.

  1. They have noise cancelling properties

GRP front doors are made up of certain materials whose properties have a noise cancelling effect. This effect causes the peace and quiet of your house to be maintained. This property might be of great use to you if you live in noisy areas, such as near busy marketplaces or schools.

  1. Customise your doors to suit your needs and wishes

The best part about composite doors is that you can customise them according to your wishes. Choose the colour, frame, style and glaze you want for your door and it will be delivered exactly as you want it. Experiment all you want between heritage composite door and modern composite door styles to choose the perfect fit for your home.

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