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Common Composite Door Problems & How To Resolve Them

Posted by Door-Centre on 12/02/2020

Composite doors have taken over the door industry by storm and have upped the standards of this industry to new heights. They are basically composed of a number of materials such as glass-reinforced plastic and a timber core and the combined properties of these materials give it greater strength, durability and benefits unlike any other…

What To Look For Before Purchasing Your Composite Door

Posted by Door-Centre on 16/01/2020

Doors are a very important part of our houses. They are a barrier between you and the world. They provide privacy, security and keep thieves and robbers away in addition to giving an aesthetic feel to your home. So, you have finally decided to buy a composite front door after being wowed by its benefits…

6 Reasons You Need To Upgrade Your Front Door To a Composite Door

Posted by Door-Centre on 16/01/2020

What Are Composite Doors? Composite front doors are a fairly new door and are made keeping in mind all the drawbacks of the other types of doors. They are one of the strongest doors currently available on the market and have set a new standard in the door industry. What are composite Doors made of?…

How To Change The Door Handle On UPVC Composite Doors

Posted by Door-Centre on 05/01/2020

  What are UPVC doors? UPVC doors have an un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride encasing an insulated steel frame to create a strong and single unit. UPV doors are efficient and strong and even though they have a plasticky finish to it, they are cheaper than other door types hence UPVC front doors are greatly in use….

What You Need To Know About Composite Doors

Posted by Door-Centre on 25/12/2019

What Are Composite Doors? Although there are many types of doors currently up for grabs on the market, they are not as good quality and resilient as composite doors. Composite doors are one of the strongest doors that are available on the market. Many materials are utilised to manufacture them. They consist of 3 parts:…

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